US restaurant sparks outrage for banning diners under 30

By Hoang Vu   June 18, 2024 | 04:00 am PT
US restaurant sparks outrage for banning diners under 30
Inside Bliss Caribbean Restaurant in the U.S. Photo courtesy of the restaurant's Facebook
A newly-opened restaurant in the U.S. has drawn public criticism after banning women under the age of 30 and men under 35 as it wants to ensure "a mature, sophisticated, and safe dining environment."

Bliss Caribbean Restaurant in St. Louis opened its doors in May but has quickly attracted attention for enforcing its strict age restrictions, New York Post reported.

"As a Black-owned business, Bliss Caribbean Restaurant is dedicated to providing North County with an upscale dining experience," the restaurant wrote on its Facebook page with 13,000 followers.

"We require all guests to be 30 or older for women and 35 or older for men."

It says the policy aimed to help it maintain a "sophisticated environment," and focus on providing good service, and sustain its ambience.

While some supported the restaurant’s age restriction policy, others accused it of discrimination.

"So I’m 33, so that mean I can’t eat here??" one user asked.

"Is this a bar or restaurant?" another questioned.

"It's absolutely crazy that a 30-year-old old man cannot behave himself well enough to eat in a restaurant," another wrote.

Similar age policies have been implemented at establishments in Canada.

One restaurant in Toronto came under fire last year after a wave of one-star reviews protested its policy against children under 10 dining at the establishment.

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