Obama’s ‘bun cha’ goes official

By Phieu Linh   June 17, 2016 | 05:11 am PT
The ‘bun cha’ combo Obama ordered during his trip in Vietnam has gone down in history, marked by a whole page in the menu of the street food place he dined in.

What Obama ordered during his days, actually night, in Hanoi takes up the entire first page of the place’s menu. The combo stands at VND85,000 ($4), comprising a ‘bun cha’ portion, a seafood fried roll and a Hanoi Beer. A combo usually comes at a discount to encourage people to order more, but here, it serves only one purpose: to let you know that the man ate there and how he left with a smile.

The menu with a presidential touch.

The menu with a presidential touch.


Since the most powerful man in the world had dinner here, ‘sold out’ has become the norm.

Eating like a king has always been the dream of humans since we started dreaming, and it still lives well in a time where most kings are no more.

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