Dog meat cocktail - dare to try this canine concoction?

By Kim Thuy   June 9, 2016 | 01:21 am PT
Dog meat cocktail - dare to try this canine concoction?
Amulet cocktail. Photo by VnExpress/Nhat Quang
Many may feel disgusted at the thought of eating dog meat, a notorious dish in many Asian countries. Many may want to stop the brutal slaughter of "man's best friend." But still, many cannot deny that the fragrant taste of dog meat is too tempting to resist.

The combination of aromatic Vietnamese herbs and shrimp sauce creates an unforgettable taste that has drawn many travelers to Vietnam just to try the dish.

Now we’ve found an answer for those who want to experience the dish but feel extremely guilty about eating our furry friends: a cocktail called the “Amulet” which will hypnotize your tongue and nose.

You will not find much difference between the quirky cocktail and the meat itself as most of the Vietnamese herbs that make dog meat so outstanding are present in the cocktail, except for shrimp paste – good news for those who cannot even go near it!

The recipe for the drink is simple: just orange juice, crushed lemongrass, galingale juice, lime, honey and tequila.

Tip: You can find the cocktail at La Plume Bar&Lounge, 3rd Floor, Press Club Building, 59A Ly Thai To Street, Hanoi.

Born in a poor village in the northern province of Hung Yen, Pham Tien Tiep, who won the award for best bartender in Vietnam in the 2012 Diageo Reserve World Class competition, witnessed the brutal killing of dogs during his childhood. And like other locals, dog meat was once a “luxury” dish for Tiep.

However, as he was growing up, he began to view dogs as friends, not a source of meat. At his wedding, he shocked his relatives by refusing to put the village's favorite dog meat dish on the menu.

Tiep was determined to do something to wean people off dog meat, and used his profession to create the Amulet back in 2013.

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