Cheap and simple way to create bubbly summer treat

By Kim Thuy   May 18, 2016 | 01:25 am PT
Inspired by bubble pearl tea from Taiwan, Vietnam offers its own bubbles with a distinctive fresh flavor that burst into chewy treats made from a cheap, popular fruit known as the jicama.

The bubbles have become one of the indispensible elements of Vietnamese rice pudding that help to ward off the heat on a scorching summer's day.


Vietnamese rice pudding with bubble pear tea. Photo by VnExpress/ione

At a free cooking class for children at Minh Oi Lounge in Hanoi, Vietnam Master Chef champion Nguyen Thanh Cuong took time out to share his recipe.


- Jicama ('cu dau' in Hanoi and 'cu san' in Saigon)

- Tapioca starch

- Food coloring


The chef introduces jicama to kids in the class.


Step 1: Wash and dice the jicama


Kids learns how to dice jicama.

Step 2: Add some food coloring to the jicama with water and mix well.

Add some sugar if you have a sweet tooth.


Step 3: Pour some tapioca starch into a dry bowl and then combine with the rest of the mixture so the starch coats the jicama.

Squeeze the jicama gently, but try not to stick them together.

Wait about two minutes for the starch to soak into the jicama.


Step 4: Shake through a sieve to remove the excess starch.

Step 5: Slowly pour the mixture into boiling water and stir gently for about three minutes.


Step 6: Put the boiled jicama into a pan of iced water to give the bubbles their chewy texture. Then remove and shake gently.


Now you have Vietnamese-style bubble pearl tea


Photo by VnExpress/Xavier Bourgois

Ingredients & facilities provided by Minh Oi Lounge, 37 Quang Trung Street, Hanoi 

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