At Sun World, Mother Nature shines bright

By Phat Dat   May 21, 2019 | 10:35 pm PT
Visitors to Sun World complexes do not just come for fun, but to lose themselves in the naturally beautiful surroundings.  

From the cloud smothered Fansipan peak in Sa Pa to the magnificent limestone islands of Ha Long Bay, from the lush forests of Ba Na Hills to the stunning beaches of Da Nang and Phu Quoc - each of the five Sun World complexes in Vietnam is set amidst great natural beauty.

When mapping out their vision, the investors, Sun Group - Vietnam’s premier developer of luxury tourism projects and entertainment complexes - were clear that they wanted to create world class theme parks and entertainment complexes in some of the country’s most incredible locations.

In doing so, the projects also achieved some amazing feats.

"A cable car to the top of Fansipan? We couldn’t imagine that such a thing was possible when we first heard about it," said Hoang Kim, a mother of two from Hanoi.

"When my husband and I showed our kids a video of the cable car riding to the top. They begged us to take them to Sa Pa".

When the family traveled to Sa Pa, the world record setting cable car ride didn’t disappoint. "Everyone loved it. Riding the cable car was like being in a dream for my kids. They were struck by the views. My husband was impressed with the scale of engineering involved".

Fansipan’s 'spidermen'

"The kids were also fascinated on learning about the ‘spidermen’ of Fansipan, the cable car technicians who climb the cliffs. It made all of us want to learn more about the system.

"It made us appreciate all the work done to monitor and maintain the system, even collecting garbage that tourists had left behind over many years in the Hoang Lien Son forest," said Kim.

Fansipan’s Spidermen.

Fansipan’s 'spidermen'.

"For the kids, it was a big lesson that even in bad weather, and despite the dangerous conditions, they still do their job every week to keep the forest clean. They learnt that all of us have to do our bit to protect our country’s environment".

The more the family learned about the cable car system, the more they were amazed.

"We also learnt that many of the engineers and contractors lived in the forest for 800 days, at times carrying stones, cable, tools, and everything else they needed up the slopes of Fansipan," Kim said.

She added that not many people knew that great care was taken not to destroy the forest when the system was built, meaning a lot of work of connecting the departure and arrival points was done manually.

Flower power

Kim’s family were also thrilled that they visited Sa Pa at a time when the annual festival celebrating rhododendrons, a wild flower native to Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

Sun World Fansipan Legend.

Sun World Fansipan Legend.

And speaking of flowers, this spring, visitors to Sun World Ba Na Hills in central Vietnam were treated to the sight of bell-shaped azaleas (Ericcaceae) in bloom.

Meanwhile the Sun World Danang Wonders complex has come to be known as the city’s ‘Green Lung’ because it has thousands of trees, several small lakes and large meadows.

"As the air can be quite bad in Hanoi these days,my husband and I won’t hesitate to book holidays to Sun World. We can get to breathe clean air and enjoy a fresh environment," Kim said.

Friendly service

Another important factor that makes a visit to a Sun World complex memorable is the service.

"Everyone working at Sun World says ‘hello’ or ‘xin chao’. They also smile or bow. These are simple gestures but they mean a lot to guests. It is evident that the establishment prioritizes customer service," Kim said.

"My friend from London was impressed by the service at Sun World Ba Na Hills, including the access aisles and toilets for disabled persons, which are unfortunately not so common in Vietnam," she added.

Elderly care service.

Elderly care service.

"I look forward to taking my kids to see the other complexes. They’re so excited at the thought of riding the cable-car over the sea from Phu Quoc to Hon Thom. But I am hoping that this summer, we can take the cable car to Sun World Ba Na Hills first, so I can see the Golden Bridge."

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