Malaysia to fast-track expat visa applications

By Hoang Vu   April 24, 2023 | 10:58 pm PT
Malaysia to fast-track expat visa applications
People walk at a park in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 27, 2021. Photo by Reuters
The Malaysian government said it would reduce the application process for expatriate visas from the current three months to five days to facilitate entry and speed up economic growth.

"We are aiming to shorten the length of the process as it is one of the obstacles, especially for investors who want to enter the country," Malaysia economy minister Rafizi Ramli said at a recent press conference, as cited by Free Malaysia Today.

He said applicants would be divided into two groups, with one group eligible for fast-tracking due to a good track record and compliance, as well as a long history with the country.

"The others without a history with the country will be checked by relevant departments. If they are eligible, they too will join the fast-tracked group," he said.

The new application process is expected to come into effect in early June.

The Southeast Asian country has started easing visa policies to attract foreigners.

Last week, it announced the relaxation of requirements for the ‘Malaysia My Second Home’ program following a 90% drop in applicants.

In 2019, Malaysia welcomed more than 26 million international visitors with its total tourism revenue reaching more than US$19 billion.

The country welcomed more than 10 million visitors last year, according to Tourism Malaysia.

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