How to make sautéed salmon with passion fruit juice

By Nghia Nguyen   June 12, 2024 | 07:52 pm PT
Sautéed salmon with passion fruit juice is a nutritious dish that is good for the cardiovascular system.
Cá hồi măng tây áp chảo xốt chanh leo


- 300 gr salmon
- 2-3 passion fruits
- 100 gr asparagus
- 1 garlic bulb, some tapioca flour
- Spices: salt, seasoning, sugar, black pepper, cooking oil, rice wine

Preparation steps:

- Place the salmon slices in a bowl and add a tablespoon of salt and a tablespoon of rice wine. Rub the salt and wine onto the salmon pieces evenly and leave for about two minutes. Then, wash the slices with water and let them drain.

Cá hồi măng tây áp chảo xốt chanh leo - 1

- Put the fish back in the bowl and season it with black pepper, cooking oil, and salt. Let it marinate for 15 minutes.

- Keep the tender parts of the asparagus and clean them. Peel and smash the garlic cloves.

- Cut each passion fruit in half, scoop out the inside, and filter out the seeds to collect the juice. Dissolve a tablespoon of tapioca flour in two tablespoons of water.

Cá hồi măng tây áp chảo xốt chanh leo - 2

- Pour the passion fruit juice into a pot and bring it to a boil. Add salt and sugar to taste. Next, pour the tapioca flour solution into the pot and cook the mixture on low heat until it thickens.

- Heat a pan, add cooking oil, and wait until it is hot. Add the garlic, followed by the salmon slices. Turn the slices when they are golden, then add the asparagus stems.

- Stir and turn until the fish are golden on both sides and the asparagus is cooked. Place the asparagus stems and salmon slices on a plate, pour the passion fruit juice mixture on top, and enjoy.

Cá hồi măng tây áp chảo xốt chanh leo - 3
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