5 reasons the world needs an emoji for Vietnamese 'banh mi' now

By VnExpress   March 30, 2017 | 01:03 am PT
The 2017 emojis list has a glaring omission: our beloved, yummy baguette.

Emojipedia has released a list of new emojis. And even though we are very happy to see T-Rex and chopsticks and broccoli and a breastfeeding mother make the cut, the list somehow feels incomplete.

After all these years and after all kinds of food emojis getting inducted, emoji makers continue to forget a big, popular culinary icon of our world: the Vietnamese banh mi.

Here’re five reasons why we need a banh mi emoji for the world.

1. Banh mi is the king/queen/Beast/Beauty of street food

It is everyone’s daily breakfast and every tourist’s go-to dish. The world’s largest travel site Fodor’s Travel last November put Vietnamese banh mi, which it described as a “mouthwatering” piece of baguette, in the top of 20 street foods that one must try around the world.

2. Banh mi is so popular around the world

If Amazon sells it, do you even need more proof?

3. A banh mi crave can’t be expressed by a sandwich emoji

No, just no.

4. Banh mi is culturally inclusive

It's a perfect blend of Western and Vietnamese cuisine. It has various versions for vegans and meat eaters. It simply doesn't discriminate.

5. Ok, just look at this picture.


Banh mi sold at a street corner in Saigon. Photo by VnExpress

So please Emojipedia, we love what you are doing for the world. But once and for all, please correct your mistake and give the world an awesome banh mi emoji that it deserves.

While you’re at it, how about one for pho too? (And no, we won't just accept that Bowl with Spoon emoji).

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