Chinese tourists kicked off bus for refusing to buy $7,000 bracelet

By Hoang Phong    February 24, 2024 | 05:00 am PT
Chinese tourists kicked off bus for refusing to buy $7,000 bracelet
Tourists walk in Lijiang City in Yunnan Province. Photo by Wiki
A tour guide forced a family of Chinese tourists off a bus for refusing to buy a bracelet for 50,000 yuan (US$6,950), prompting tourism authorities to launch an investigation.

A tourist surnamed Tian from Hebei Province purchased a tour package costing 17,000 yuan for her family of five to visit Lijiang City in Yunnan Province during the Spring Festival, South China Morning Post reported.

On Feb. 12, the third day of their trip, the tour guide took the group of tourists to a shop in Lijiang that sold jade items.

The guide then tried to cajole Tian into buying a bracelet for 50,000 yuan, The Paper reported.

However, she refused because the price was too high.

The tourist then discovered other members of the group had bought expensive products but she still decided to say no despite warnings from the tour guide.

The tour guide later asked her family to take another bus.

Tian reported the incident to local tourism authorities, which then launched a probe.

On Feb. 18, the tour guide was fined 20,000 yuan and suspended for three months, according to Sina.

The incident has become a heated topic on Chinese social media, with many criticizing the tour guide.

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