Chinese tour guide yells at tourists for refusing to shop

By Bich Phuong   October 4, 2023 | 04:53 pm PT
Chinese tour guide yells at tourists for refusing to shop
Chinese tourists flock to an old town in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, October 1, 2023. Photo by AFP
A female tour guide in China's Guizhou Province got angry with her tour group because none of them was willing to go shopping when visiting gemstone stores.

Video footage that went viral on Chinese social media showed the tour guide yelled at the group of tourists for an hour while they were on a bus from Guangzhou to Guizhou in southwest of China on September 26.

The tour guide took them to several shops selling gemstones, but most of them only visited without shopping, making her angry. She threatened to cancel the trip and leave the group alone if they did not spend money on shopping during the tour, Sina newspaper reported.

The tour guide even scolded the tourists for being "stingy."

The argument became more intense when a member of the group said that "it is the tourist's choice to shop or not," Sing Tao Daily reported.

A member of the group said this was a cheap tour package and only one member of the group was shopping.

On September 29, the Culture and Tourism Office of Guiyang City in Guizhou Province and other law enforcement agencies began verifying the identity of the female tour guide.

Officials said they would investigate and not tolerate acts that affect the legitimate rights and interests of tourists.

The incident came ahead of the golden week, the longest annual holiday in China. This year's golden week lasts eight days from September 29 to October 6 as hundreds of millions of Chinese people flock to travel.

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