Bali eyes $2M from tourist donations to preserve its natural environment

By Hoang Phong    February 23, 2023 | 03:46 pm PT
Bali eyes $2M from tourist donations to preserve its natural environment
Tourists walk along a beach in Bali, Indonesia, 2017. Photo by Reuters
Authorities in Indonesia's popular resort island of Bali are planning to collect Rp31.5 billion ($2.07 million) in tourist donations this year to preserve its culture and environment.

Foreign travelers visiting Bali are expected to voluntarily give donations through the "We Love Bali" campaign, said Tjok Bagus Pemayun, head of the Bali Tourism Agency, according to the Jakarta Post.

"This is voluntary, it's not mandatory," he said. "It will show their concern for our efforts to maintain Bali's nature, culture and environment sustainably."

Donations will be managed by the administration to fund several plans for preserving Bali's culture and its environment as the island has no natural resources such as petroleum and gas, as do many other provinces in Indonesia.

The island's administration previously had a plan to impose a $10 tax on foreign tourists, but had to cancel it due to legal reasons. The Bali administration later decided to change the tax to a voluntary donation.

Bali, famous for its long beaches, turquoise waters and ancient temples, is hoping to receive 4.5 million international arrivals this year, in addition to 9 million domestic travelers.

To attract international tourists, Bali's government has proposed 83 more countries be made eligible for its visa-on-arrival policy that allows foreign tourists to stay in Indonesia for 30-60 days.

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