Australian man denied entry to Philippines after slapping passenger on flight

By Hoang Phong    December 6, 2023 | 12:18 am PT
Australian man denied entry to Philippines after slapping passenger on flight
Scoot, Jetstar and Singapore Airlines planes sit on the tarmac at Singapore's Changi Airport, Singapore, Jan. 18, 2021. Photo by Reuters
An Australian tourist was denied entry to the Philippines after he was filmed causing a fracas and slapping a fellow passenger on a Scoot flight from Singapore to Manila.

Video footage that has gone viral on social media showed the Australian man demanding drinks from cabin crew and insulting other passengers during the second leg of the flight to the Philippines late last week, the West Australian newspaper reported.

The man began his journey from Perth and was headed to Manilla with a layover in Singapore.

He ignored an announcement by the flight crew for passengers to remain seated and could be seen hurling insults at passengers.

Upon spotting a passenger filming him, he slapped that person in the face, the Strait Times reported.

The passengers and Scoot flight attendants then restrained the man by zip-tying the man's arms and legs together while waiting for Filipino authorities to escort him off the flight.

A representative of Scoot said the passenger was denied entry into the Philippines and was returned to Perth.

Scoot said it prioritizes "the safety and well-being of our customers and staff members."

"We will take appropriate measures against any passenger who poses a risk to the safety of our customers and staff," the airline spokesperson said in a statement as cited by the Strait Times.

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