32 tourists left upside down on rollercoaster in Japan

By Hoang Vu   December 15, 2023 | 12:22 am PT
32 tourists left upside down on rollercoaster in Japan
A video footage shared on X (formerly Twitter) shows a rollercoaster stops midway at a theme park in Osaka, Japan, on Dec. 14 2023.
A rollercoaster at a theme park in Japan's Osaka made an emergency stop midway on Thursday, leaving 32 tourists dangling upside down at the height of over 30 m above the ground.

The ride halted at 10:55 a.m. as a carriage of the Flying Dinosaur roller coaster ride broke down mid-way and suddenly stopped, public broadcaster NHK reported.

No one was injured in the incident as all riders onboard the carriage were evacuated by staff and taken to safety via an emergency staircase.

The evacuation took around 45 minutes, and no one felt unwell, according to The Strait Times.

The park’s operator said the roller coaster automatically stops if sensors installed on the attraction detect an abnormality, but that the exact cause of the incident remains unknown.

A series of nightmare incidents involving tourists left hanging upside down on rollercoasters have been recently reported.

Last June, a group of 11 tourists were left hanging upside-down on a rollercoaster after a power outage caused chaos at a theme park in China's Hebei Province.

A month later, eight people including seven children in the U.S. were stuck for three hours, after a rollercoaster carrying them suddenly stopped due to a technical issue.

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