World of snacks inside Saigon's iconic market

By Ngoisao   November 29, 2016 | 05:29 am PT
Lose yourself in Ben Thanh Market and the host of Vietnamese delicacies it has to offer.

Located in District 1, Ben Thanh Market is one of the iconic centers of Ho Chi Minh City. A bustling market during the daytime and a social center after sunset, the market is an absolute must-see in Vietnam’s largest city. Visitors can find almost everything here, from clothing, shoes, bags and jewelry, to kitchen ware, groceries, sweets and, most importantly, food.


Accounting for nearly half of Ben Thanh Market, the dining area has won the hearts of Saigoneers and foreign tourists alike. 


The different stalls offer a vast variety of Vietnamese dishes. In the picture are fresh spring rolls made from shrimp, rice vermicelli, plenty of fresh herbs and vegetables and served with fish sauce.


Fried banana fritters is a favorite snack. The black sesame seeds give the crispy cakes a nutty favor.


Broken rice served with poached shrimp is another popular dish in Saigon. Visitors can also try broken rice with grilled chicken and BBQ ribs.


Fresh seafood can be found in abundance.


Grilled shrimp and baked fermented meat rolls.


Dried meat is shredded and eaten with plain rice porridge.


You can also find Bun cha Hanoi (rice vermicelli and grilled pork)...


...and numerous sweet treats.


Many people say the food at Ben Thanh Market is more expensive than other places, but they can find anything they want there.


Each serving, costing VND40,000-60,000 ($1.8-2.7), is enough to fill you up.

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