Where to get a high around Saigon

By My Phuong   August 29, 2016 | 03:00 pm PT
Head out to climb for an uplifting experience.

The metropolis that is Saigon provides more than is necessary when it comes to man-made leisure and recreational activities. Nature-lovers, however, have to travel out of the southern hub to find what they are looking for. The four mountains VnExpress is about to summit are less than three hours by car from Saigon, and guarantee a challenge for anyone willing to take them on.

Mount Dinh

80 kilometers from Saigon in Dinh in Ba Ria - Vung Tau Province, Mount Dinh's peak at a height of 500 meters is a popular choice for many Saigoneers. The area boasts a must-see trinity: Tien Stream, Hang Mai Pagoda and Mount Dinh itself.

Tien Stream is on the upper reaches of the water flowing down Mount Dinh. The road to Tien Stream is easy to find, making it the perfect stop for exhausted climbers.

At the top of the mountain, Hang Mai Pagoda, together with the Phat Quang and Sau Rieng pagoda sites, are worth taking a break in.

Behind Hang Mai Pagoda lies a base that acted as a shelter for soldiers during wartime.

Mount Chua Chan

At a height of 800 meters, Chua Chan is the second highest mountain in southern Vietnam. Lying 110 kilometers to the east of Saigon, overnight camping comes highly recommended. Spend the night in a tent and start early the next day to catch the sunrise before exploring the area until the sun goes down.

Buu Long Mount

Buu Long in District 9 is a range of well-preserved mountains, lakes, caves and pagodas. Besides Buu Long, the range also boasts another two mountains: Binh Dien and Long Son Thach Dong. Channels and canals from the nearby Dong Nai River interlace with fields and trees to create a scene of tranquility for those looking for a taste of pure nature.

Mount Ba Den

110 kilometers from Saigon in Tay Ninh Province lies Ba Den Mount. At nearly a 1,000 meters, Ba Den is officially the roof of southern Vietnam and the top destination for those eager for a story worth telling back home.

Being the highest of them all, Ba Den offers more than just climbing. Visitors here can opt for a cable car for a leisurely experience, traditional flights of steps for something more athletic and a slide from the top down for a dose of adrenaline.

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