Talk show: Demystifying Design Thinking with Patrick Sharbaugh

July 30, 2017 | 07:25 pm PT
Opening: 07:00 pm, Thu 03 Aug 2017
A jargon-free break down of design thinking.

Design thinking -- also known as human-centered design -- is not new, but it's being rediscovered by innovative businesses around the world, from Airbnb to Google and IBM, as a powerful framework for creating more customer-focused products and services, and for empowering bottom-up innovation and creative problem-solving in organizations.

On Thursday, August 3, LUMA Senior Program Director (and former Vietnam resident) Patrick Sharbaugh will offer a jargon-free break down of just what all the fuss is about: what is design thinking anyway, and why is everyone talking about it?

Join us for a hands-on demonstration of methods and mindsets pioneered by companies like IDEO, the Stanford School, and the world's leading strategic design consultancies. Learn how empathy, problem framing, broad ideation, and iterative prototyping can help you tackle the wickedest of problems and begin creating innovative, user-centred solutions. 

Patrick was born and raised in the US and was the co-founder of Saigon-based boutique tour company Vietnam Vespa Adventures. He is an award-winning educator working at RMIT University in Vietnam and Melbourne.

Entrance fee: VND200,000 ($8.8) 

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