Vietnamese named the most satisfied lovers in Asia

By VnExpress   February 17, 2017 | 07:56 pm PT
Vietnamese named the most satisfied lovers in Asia
A Vietnamese couple pose for photos among peach blossom flowers in Hanoi. Photo by Reuters/Kham
They rarely think about leaving their partners and do not argue often. 

Vietnam has proved an ideal place to be in a relationship, with a new regional survey naming Vietnamese the most satisfied lovers.

They rarely argue with their partners. When they do, it's mostly about money and their children.

A new Prudential survey, conducted by independent research firm Ipsos, asked people in Asia how much their primary relationships fulfill them. Vietnam came first with the highest score of 83 percent, followed by people in the Philippines and Indonesia. The region's average was 68 percent.

Every week, 8 percent of people in Vietnam think about leaving their partner, the lowest rate in Asia compared to the highest rate of 28 percent in Thailand.

Vietnamese also argue very little. The survey found almost one in four Asians argues with their partners every week, but it happens with only 7 percent of the people in Vietnam.

The survey interviewed more than 5,000 adults from 10 Asian markets. Japan was not included.


Vietnamese are the most fulfilled with their partners. Graphic by Prudential

Of course it's not always a smooth sail. If you are looking to maintain a happy and long-lasting relationship here in Vietnam, try to stay away from money issues.

According to the survey, money causes 55 percent of people in Vietnam to argue with their partners, the highest rate in Asia. That might be partly because Vietnamese couples are the most likely to share joint bank accounts, at the rate of 78 percent.

Drinking and smoking are also likely sources of arguments in Vietnam, leading to issues in 51 percent of relationships.

Vietnam, with a population of 93 million, has some 15.6 million tobacco smokers, mostly men. Vietnamese are also among the heaviest drinkers in the world who spend an average of VND2.4 million ($100) on beer every year, around 5 percent of their income.

A 2015 study by Vietnam's health ministry said drinking is the major cause of home violence in the country, causing 34 percent of all reported violence and abuse cases.

Vietnam is generally known as a happy and friendly nation. It ranked fifth in the Happy Planet Index results in 2016. Lifestyle magazine Esquire last month named Vietnam one of the best places to visit in 2017, where it says the culture of optimism is delightful.

No recent official statistics are available for the divorce rate in Vietnam. Local media reports in recent years, citing various sources, often put the rate at around one divorce in every three marriages.

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