The most shocking examples of parking revenge in Vietnam

By VnExpress   February 11, 2017 | 09:00 am PT
Block a door or a narrow alley in Hanoi and you are in for indelible surprises that range from hilarious to hideous.

Watch where you park in the capital city of Vietnam. Or things can turn bad very quickly.

Drivers often complain that the city doesn't give them enough space.

But that's not an explanation that can save you from trouble when people get angry. If you need a reminder of parking revenge, check any of the examples below.

1. This car blocked the main path to a residential area. Locals turned it into an expensive trash can.


Photo from Vitalk/namct.

2. A chalk message: 'How could you park so stupidly? Where else can people go?'


Photo from Vitalk/Tuan Vu Manh

3. These two used correction pen, which is basically white paint. 'You are affecting our business.' The XXX can be confusing.


Photo from Vitalk/tomcangxanh

4. These scratches are just too painful to look at.


Photo from Vitalk/Wind_Slash

5. Sometimes revenge required a lot of tape, a brick and a 'No Parking' note.


Photo from Vitalk/The Gunner.

6. How about spray paint for a change?


Photo from Vitalk/Hong hot

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