Rewind through Hanoi's Old Quarter with Japanese Ambassador

By VnExpress   September 24, 2016 | 04:32 pm PT
Do you think he knew what the city would look like two decades on, or what he'd be doing?

In 1994, a young Japanese man wandered the streets of Vietnam's capital, capturing life in the Old Quarter with his camera. That young man was Fukada Hiroshi, now the Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam.

Let’s take a look at his photos and take a trip through the Old Quarter more than 20 years ago.

Cyclos seen in a street.

Cyclos seen driving down a street.

Female students gracefully in Ao dai (traditional long dress)

Female students cycling gracefully in ao dai (traditional long tunic).

A busy street corner

A busy street corner.

A family restaurant and iconic motorcycles of the 1990s

A family restaurant and iconic motorcycles from the 1990s.

A confectionery shop

A confectionery shop.

Life always busy on the sidewalk

Life was always busy on the sidewalk.

The woman in the fashion of the 1990s

The height of fashion in the 1990s

A photo studio in a small alley in a Hanois old street

A photo studio down a small alley off a Hanoi street.

A little girl who the ambassador said has an angel face

A little girl who the ambassador said had an ‘angel face’.

A barber shop

A barber shop.

Hanoi mens fashion in the early 1990s

Men’s fashion in the early 1990s.

View of a street corner from above

A view of a street corner from above.

Photos by Ambassador Fukada Hiroshi.

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