Mysterious purple flowers draw young visitors to Central Highlands

By Kim Sa, Trung Kien   February 7, 2017 | 11:46 pm PT
A carpet of purple has sprung up across Vietnam’s plateau.

When it comes to spring in Vietnam’s Central Highlands, many visitors immediately think about Da Lat, the city of a thousand flowers. Now they have another option in the purple flowers of Dak Lak, a province 210 kilometers from Da Lat.


The gardens of purple flowers are located in Bang Adrenh Commune, Krong Ana District, 40 kilometers from downtown Buon Ma Thuot, the capital of the province. Local people say that the flowers bloom annually after they finish harvesting their rice crops. There has been more rain than usual this year, so the flowers are in full bloom.


“I don’t know the name of flowers. I just know that this charming scene is a gift from nature,” said Do Trung Kien, a local amateur photographer.


A view of the flowery fields.


A close-up of the unknown flowers.


Many young people have flocked to the gardens to take beautiful pictures.


Purple flowers surrounded by rolling hills have become the perfect photography set.


“I hope to visit a relative in Krong An District and then come here with my cousins,” a girl named Hieu told VnEpxress. “I’ve seen photos of these gardens on social networks but they’re incredibly beautiful in reality.”


The best time to pose for a photo is in the early morning when the lighting is perfect.


A surge in visitor numbers is in danger of damaging the gardens.

Photos by VnExpress/Kim Sa and Trung Kien

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