Last fair before Tet mobbed at traditional northern market

By Ngoc Thanh   January 24, 2017 | 07:09 am PT
The New Year wouldn't be the same without soaking up the atmosphere at Nua Market.

The Nua Market fair is held on the outskirts of Hanoi in Binh Phu Commune, Thach That Ward. The market opens on the 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd and 27th of every lunar month, typically in the morning. However, the Tet market fair also opens in the afternoon. In photo: The busy Nua market this morning.


The market features mainly agricultural products, livestock and household goods such as bamboo brooms, clothing and chopsticks. At the last fair of the year, there are more Tet-related items on sale.


The smell of young bamboo and dried shiitake mushrooms cover the market in a Tet ambiance.


Tuan, a local citizen, said nowadays it's easy to buy pretty much anything at local grocery stores, but he still likes visiting the market because of his nostalgic feelings for an old traditional village called Doai.


Doai Village is famous for its bamboo houseware which can be found at the market, including fans and a range of baskets.


Many people are looking to buy roosters before Tet. The price may rise slightly at this time of year, ranging from VND130,000 ($5.75) to VND150,000 ($6.64) per kg.


An indispensable feature of these traditional market fairs are the spice stalls.


Traders also gather betel and areca nut from various places. These nuts are used to invite visitors and make acquaintances during festivals.  


These products may not be worth much, but the market has become a part of local life.


Noodles, cakes and sweet desserts are all available at the food hall.


Shoe stalls packed with customers.


The locals have a saying: "First the citadel, second the'Nua Market", meaning the market has long been famous across the region.

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