In pictures: The best of Vietnam this week

January 27, 2017 | 12:22 am PT
Check out some of the most stunning Instagram photos of #Vietnam a week before #Tet


A man chooses a hoa mai branch (yellow apricot blossom) at a floating flower market in Ho Chi Minh City. It's a long-standing Vietnamese custom to decorate the home to celebrate Tet.


Cho Lon, the largest Chinatown in Vietnam, is ready for Lunar New Year.


A kiosk sells Tet jams (mut Tet) in Ben Thanh Market. The colorful snacks are made from fruits and ginger to welcome guests during the occasion.


Red sausages (lap xuong) are being dried for the holiday.


Sculptures of a flock of chickens are displayed to welcome the Year of Rooster.


A cherry blossom tree (mai anh dao) in Da Lat. The flowers bloom in the spring and have become a symbol of the popular resort town.


A dragon dance in Hue. The performance is believed to expel devils and bring luck to families.


Carved waterlemons on sale at a market in the coastal resort town of Phan Thiet.


Red, which is believed to bring luck, is the dominant color over the Tet holiday.


Men erects a sign saying Chuc Mung Nam Moi (Happy New Year) on a street in Nha Trang.


Unlike southerners, people in the north prefer to display peach apricot blossoms (hoa dao) for Tet.


Two young soldiers seem to be surprised by the Tet atmosphere on Hanoi's streets.


A family gathers to prepare banh chung, a Vietnamese delicacy made of sticky rice, beans and pork wrapped in green leaves and tied with bamboo string.


A special market for Tet popped up on Hang Ma Street in Hanoi.


"Spring time in northern Vietnam," the caption reads. The photo was taken in Moc Chau.


They know their year is coming. #YearofRooster.

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