Ha Tinh Province's Terrace House gets international attention

By VnExpress   November 12, 2016 | 11:06 pm PT
The home's staggered roof provides ample space for plantings and vegetable gardens.

Archdaily featured the three-story home in the central province of Ha Tinh for its unique design.


The terraced home combines a mix of architecture and agriculture.


Covering roughly 160 square meters, the house features a discreet exterior design to ensure the privacy of the owner.


From the outside, the three-story house looks like a seamless block.


The architect spared a third of the family lot for a kind of playground that seperates the house from the noise of the street.


The broad entrance provides plenty of natural sunlight.


The slope of the terraces leaves the house wide open to sight angles.


The house maximizes minimalist design; white is the dominant color.


The owner grows both vegetables and ornamental plants in terraced planters outfitted with irrigation systems.


Terrace house provides urban residents a chance to get closer to nature by giving them first-hand experience in planting and harvesting.


The house was designed by two architects, Hoang Thanh Ha and Tran Ngoc Phuong -- the latter of whom just won second prize at this year's 2A Asia Architecture Awards.

Photos courtesy of Nguyen Tien Thanh

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