Tree house hidden in Hanoi jungle enraptures travelers

October 18, 2016 | 09:09 pm PT
Just 6 kilometers from the center of the capital perches the perfect escape nest.

Contemporary artist Dao Anh Khanh started building a tree house in three oak trees in 1995. Each one is over one meter in diameter, fanning out in a wonderfully green luxurious natural space.

Hovering about 12 meters above ground, the tree house is part of an unique eco-friendly estate featuring a reading room, sun roof and wine bar, all decked out with a sound system and surrounding balcony.

The separate rooms go by the names Zen Meditation, Tropical Paradise, Underground Honey Suite and Grandmother Garden Cottage.

The tree house is located on the side of the Red River where the neighborhood is a lot more peaceful than the center of Hanoi.

This small jungle paradise is a perfect choice to get away from the noise and the hustle and bustle of the city. It really is a place to indulge in nature.

“It's such a magical place,” said Rachel, an American traveler who thinks the owner, Dao Anh Khanh, is “the coolest person on earth” and “great to be around”.

Dao Anh Khanh is a famous contemporary artist in Vietnam for his dance performances and fine arts. His arts works and performances have graced the front pages of the New York Times, the BBC and the like. He is described as a person who just lives and breathes art.

“The place is beautiful, original and so different from any other place we could have chosen to stay,” said Scarlet from the United Kingdom. 














Photo credit to Dao Anh Khanh

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