Da Lat’s 'lonely' tree offers shelter for the night

By Pham Van   September 7, 2016 | 01:34 am PT
Fancy spending the night with a tree?


The misty city of Da Lat high up in the Central Highlands of Vietnam has long been hailed for its beautiful flowers, pine forests, cool air, cafes and eye-pleasing architecture dating back to the colonial era. That’s what the city has to offer, but move into the forests and you'll be walking into something straight out of a fairy tale. One solitary tree sets itself apart on the banks of a lake, providing the ideal spot to make camp for the night.

It seems that no one know how the tree managed to erect out of its familiar zone. The locals called it lonely because it erects in the middle of a vast area facing a lake, leaving far behind the pine forest.

How the tree ended up growing here remains a mystery. The locals call it "lonely" because it stands in the middle of a vast area facing Dankia Lake, leaving the pine forest far behind.


It takes 45 minutes by motorbike from Da Lat to Highway 722 where the Vang Stream flows. The road is so steep in places it's almost impassable. It takes 15 minutes from there to reach the tree.


A tent is required for an overnight experience, when it can get pretty cold. The recommended time for photographs is in the early morning from 4 - 9 a.m., when the fog and sunrise reign. 

The path to the tree is difficult to navigate, so a GPS device is a handy guide.


After a day full of fun activities in the surrounding areas, night is the time for campfires, gatherings and dinner. Grilled corn and chilled beer are great additions to the nocturnal fun.

2 in the morning, the light from flower and vegetable gardens from the other side of the stream.

At two in the morning, light emanates from the flower and vegetable gardens on the other side of the lake.


Photos from FB Thiet Nguyen, Tam Bui

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