Autumn specialties reach Hanoi streets

By Ngoisao   September 11, 2016 | 09:15 pm PT
With its warm sun and cool breezes, autumn is the best time to visit Vietnam’s capital. 

September means kids go back to school, and as the summer rains disappear, parents can chill out in the cool air that touches every corner of Hanoi.


Autumn doesn’t have a fixed schedule, but the senses alert you to her arrival when you can smell sweet milk flowers and see venders selling golden apples on the streets.


Most Vietnamese people don’t actually eat golden apples, they just buy them to enjoy their pleasant smell.


Autumn is also dracontomelum season. The yellow fruits are more succulent and less sour at this time of year. 


Dracontomelum mixed with salt, sugar and chili is one of Hanoi’s autumn snacks that everyone should try on a visit to the city.


The picture of autumn in Hanoi would be incomplete if there wasn’t 'com', sticky green rice. This kind of premature rice is wrapped in lotus leaves to give it a faint yet pleasant aroma.


Hanoians have made a variety of dishes from 'com', such as sweet soup, stir fried and candy.


'Com' cakes are an integral part of engagement ceremonies in Northern Vietnam. Stuffed with green bean paste, the small cakes leave a sweat-scented flavor in the mouth.


The most exquisite 'com' dishes can only be found in Hanoi.


Hanoians also eat 'com' with ripe bananas. The sweetness of the bananas mingled with the sticky 'com' seems like an odd mix, but it’s actually a perfect combination.


Autumn is also the season for yellow daisies. On every street, tiny yellow flowers start blooming, showering the city in a golden glow.


Sitting by a lake enjoying a cup of hot tea in the cool breeze is one of the best ways to enjoy autumn in Hanoi.

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