VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang 2023 ready to serve 11,000 runners

By Hoai Phuong   August 11, 2023 | 10:35 pm PT
The official running route of VM Nha Trang 2023, to be held Sunday, increases the number of water stations, medical stations and toilets to serve 11,000 runners.

All distances of the VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang begin at the April 2 Square. Two distances of 21 and 42 kilometers will go from the square to the north of the city, with the remainders running south.

The running courses of all distances wind along picturesque coastline pathways in Nha Trang, allowing the runners to enjoy the city's scenery in the early morning.

The 42 km runners will start at 3 a.m., turn left on Le Thanh Ton Street, and run through the Stone Church and the city center routes, along the Quan Truong River. Runners will then move back to Tran Phu Street, up the bridge over Pham Van Dong Street, and Luong Son Pass. The finish line is at the square.

The first 20 km of the full marathon is quite flat. From km 22 to 35 when running on Luong Son Pass, the altitude increases gradually. The highest point is at the 25th and 26th kilometers, which are 60–70 meters above sea level. The full marathon has four cut-off times: kilometer 14 at 5 a.m., kilometer 22 at 6:20 a.m., kilometer 33 at 8 a.m., and kilometer 39.5 at 9 a.m.

Runners who reach the cut-off points after the allotted time will not be recognized.

The 42 km race track through Luong Son Pass is an interesting highlight of VM Nha Trang. Photo by VM

The 42 km race track through Luong Son Pass is an interesting highlight of VM Nha Trang. Photo by VM

To help runners compete at their best, the organizers have increased the number of utility stations. The longest distance has two one-way water stations and 12 two-way water stations. On average, there is a water station every nearly two kilometers. The number of medical stations has increased from 6 to 8. After each water station and medical station, there is a toilet. A total of 15 toilets have been arranged, up from 6 in 2022.

The distance of 21 km also moves from April 2 Square to the north of the city. Starting at 4 a.m., runners almost only run by the sea on Tran Phu, Pham Van Dong and Luong Son pass. Runners can see the dynamic beauty of the city at dawn. The highest point of the half marathon, at kilometers 10 and 11, is nearly 50 meters high. Athletes competing in the half marathon will have access to one one-way water station, six two-way water stations, seven toilets, and five medical stations.

The remaining two distances, 10 and 5 km, respectively start at 5 a.m. and 5:15 a.m. The track will run along Tran Phu Street to the south. This is the main street of the city, where athletes enjoy the first rays of sunlight, weaving through the coconut and casuarina trees of the coastal park.

Runner run on Luong Son Pass at VM Nha Trang 2022. Photo by VM

Runners run on Luong Son Pass at VM Nha Trang 2022. Photo by VM

Accompanying the VnExpress Marathon Nha Trang 2023, the Saigon Beer, Alcohol, and Beverage Corporation (Sabeco) through the Bia Saigon brand brings a lot of support to runners, improving the competition experience. Sabeco is also one of the businesses that have made many contributions to the development of sports in Vietnam.

VnExpress Marathon Marvelous Nha Trang 2023 took place on August 13, becoming the second VM race after VM Ha Long 2022 to reach 11,000 participants. The race comes at the end of the summer vacation, when Nha Trang has cool weather and a calm sea. This is an opportunity for families to enjoy a trip together and experience many modern travel services.

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