Former champion wins DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023

By Phong Van   October 30, 2023 | 06:52 pm PT
Vu Dinh Duan finished the DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 after 2 hours, 5 minutes, and 59 seconds to win the tournament for the second year straight.

Duan completed the swimming portion in 34 minutes and 40 seconds, securing the third position.

"I knew I couldn't match seasoned swimmers, so I gave 80% effort in this part and focused my best on running," Duan said.

Vu Dinh Duan runs towards the transition area. Photo by AV

Vu Dinh Duan runs towards the transition area DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 . Photo by AV

Competing in the Aquaman Vietnam for the second time helped him maintain composure. He entered the transition area with no rush, tuning in to his body and observing his opponents.

With his marathon experience and advantages, Duan swiftly accelerated speed, surpassing other competitors in the very first kilometer. He maintained the lead until crossing the finish line.

Running at a temperature of around 30 degrees Celsius, under abundant sunshine, gusts of wind, and challenging uphill sections, Duan's result was 7 minutes slower than his performance in the previous season.

"My speed has noticeably decreased, partly because the opponents weren't pushing as hard and also I wanted to ensure safety and prevent muscle cramps," he said.

Duan said the running route was challenging, but the swimming track was great, featuring tranquil seas that created a refreshing and tension-free experience when navigating and dealing with waves.

"The swimming route is designed in an inverted triangle shape that helps athletes easily spot the direction buoys, avoiding going off course," he said, adding that fewer turns made it favorable for him to win without interference from other participants at other distances.

Duan crosses the finish line. Photo by Duc Dong

Vu Dinh Duan crosses the finish line. Photo by Duc Dong

DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023 gathered many athletes and coaches from different levels of swimming and running. Many competed in Aquaman relay, Half Aqua, and Sprint Aqua categories.

Vo Xuan Vinh, who closely followed Duan in the final meters of the competition last year, was not participating this year.

Last year's championship inspired Duan to pursue his dream of competing in the SEA Games, where he won a silver medal. Now the second championship continues to fuel his determination to change the color of his medal in the regional arena.

Duan has been a professional athlete in the military since 2012. After temporarily stepping away from his athletic career four years later, he made a comeback to marathon. He claimed the championship at the VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight in 2022.

Duan strikes gong as a ceremony for the championship. Photo by Duc Dong

Vu Dinh Duan strikes gong as the champion of DNSE Aquaman Vietnam 2023. Photo by Duc Dong

The Aquaman Vietnam DNSE ended at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Nguyen Thi Kim Cuong was the champion in the women's solo category, finishing in 2 hours and 32 minutes.

The team led by Nguyen Dang Khoa won the Relay Aquaman.

Hoan Van Hai won the men's championship, and Myca claimed the women's title in the Half Aqua distance.

Tran Dinh Tau finished first in the men's Sprint Aqua distance, and swimmer Pham Thuy Vi secured the women's championship.

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