Foreign runners excited about Hanoi night race

By Thuy An   November 25, 2022 | 06:18 pm PT
Many foreign runners have registered for the VnExpress Marathon Hanoi Midnight 2022 to enjoy the beauty of the capital city at night.

The VM Hanoi Midnight's race packet pick-up area opened on Friday and welcomed many foreigners. The race will take place on the night of Saturday and the early morning of Sunday.

Freya Tyrrell from Wales and Ryan Kierman from Ireland came to pick up their bibs at 9 a.m. Friday. They registered for the 5km race a few months ago.

"We've been living and working in Hanoi for nearly 5 years, and this is our first time participating in a night race. I am impressed with the running track of VM Hanoi Midnight as it covers almost all iconic landmarks of Hanoi," said Tyrrell.

Her companion, Kierman, said the night run would be challenging and he would not put himself under much pressure of getting high result.

Freya Tyrrell (L) and Ryan Kierman. Photo by Lam Thoa

Freya Tyrrell (L) and Ryan Kierman, two runners at VM Hanoi Midnight 2022. Photo by Lam Thoa

For Fernanda from Brazil, VM Hanoi Midnight will be her 5th marathon in Vietnam. She will join more than 2,000 runners in the 10km distance.

"I do not run fast, but always try to do my best. Running across the finish line gives me a sense of happiness and feeling proud of myself," Fernanda said. She said cheers and high-fives from volunteers and members of the organizers in the last kilometers would excite her the most.

Fernanda receives bib. Photo by Pham An

Fernanda receives her VM Hanoi Midnight bib. Photo by Pham An

Fernanda expected to complete her race in one hour and 10 minutes. She has got familiar with running on many Hanoi streets, but the night run would be a unique and unforgettable experience, she said.

Many visitors chose VM Hanoi Midnight as part of their Vietnam travel plan.

Cary Ward from England and his friend arrived Vietnam two days ago for a two-week trip in the country. A few months ago, they searched for major events in Vietnam in Nov. 2022, which brought them to VM Hanoi Midnight 2022 and they decided to registered for it.

Cary Ward (R) and his friend at kit pickup area. Photo by Lam Thoa

Cary Ward (R) and his friend at VM Hanoi Midnight kit pickup area. Photo by Lam Thoa

"I have not prepared physically for the race, just looking forward to experiencing the midnight Hanoi, running past lonely, beautiful streets in cool weather," Cary said.

He chose the 21km distance, considering it a moderate challenge for one's first time running at night.

"The track will have many turns, a bit difficult to remember. I will follow the crowd and signs carefully, high-five with everyone," Cary said.

Sarah Breathnach and Karl Flemming from Ireland decided to register for the 42km distance as "we want to experience the marathon in every country we have the opportunity to visit."

Before traveling around Southeast Asia, the couple searched and selected events they wanted to participate in, and the Hanoi night run was one of them.

Sarah Breathnach (R) and Karl Flemming at pickup are for 42km . Photo by Pham An

Sarah Breathnach (R) and Karl Flemming at the VM Hanoi Midnight pickup area. Photo by Pham An

The couple have participated in many races in Europe, but this is their first night race in a tropical country.

"The weather in Hanoi, though a bit cold, is still much warmer than in our hometown, where it is only about 8 degrees Celsius. The difference in temperature is a big challenge," Sarah said.

VM Hanoi Midnight 2022 has attracted 10,000 runners after coming back from two years being postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The tournament will start at exactly midnight on Saturday, taking runners through the most beautiful roads in the capital.

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