You cannot measure the value of studying overseas like a normal investment

January 3, 2024 | 03:12 pm PT
Studying abroad is never a waste, although one should be prepared to invest seriously in the journey, readers said.

"Studying overseas is an experience whose value cannot be measured like a normal kind of investment. Spending four or five of your youthful years studying in a developed country will bring you many things that no money can buy. The most important thing is knowledge. When you expose yourself to a new world, you will experience a lot of changes, even complete changes, to your awareness. Your parameters of values and standards will also change.

I myself spent 5 years studying overseas and the lessons that I collected during those years were more and much bigger than the tens of years I spent studying in Vietnam. Of course, the decision to study overseas depends on many factors, including your family’s financial conditions and your own willingness and capabilities to put yourself in a new, challenging environment. Studying overseas is definitely hard work. If you just want to gain academic knowledge to find a job, you do not have to travel far though. You can study anywhere, even online."

"Any investment comes with expectations. The more seriously you invest, the higher chance you will succeed. Studying overseas is an investment in knowledge, when one expects to gain new knowledge, more advanced knowledge and then a higher position at the academic level. That investment is more likely to succeed when the person chooses the right environment and the right major. Of course, not anyone who studies overseas will be more academically competent than people studying in Vietnam (in the same sector). But you won’t be better than people in developed countries if you don’t go there and study, unless you were born a genius."

"The first purpose of studying overseas is to gain knowledge that you cannot gain in your country, or not of high quality. You get to experience a new culture and lifestyle, learn to be self-reliant and more mature. It also improves your foreign language skills better than if you attend language classes at home. Not everyone who studies overseas plans to stay - only around 25% of the people I know did. I think many people go overseas to learn new things, not to try to find a way to make more money. I used to study in Europe, and I did not stay there, but I’ve often come back as European countries have many values that I adore."

"Studying abroad not only offers qualifications and English proficiency but valuable experiences, networking, and ample opportunities to broaden your perspective. Despite the extravagant cost, it's worth it."

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