Women's Day has lost its meaning amid empty social media

October 23, 2023 | 03:00 pm PT
Women's Day celebrations have become shallow and do nothing to lift women's place in society, according to readers.

"Since social media is popular, celebrations have lost their meaning. Gifts and bouquets no longer come from true love, but have become an obligation, and the receivers care more about showing them off on the internet than about the affection of the givers. More and more men do not like Women's Day and feel pressure that they must give women some gift. Such a day has become a race of flowers and gifts, in the name of honoring women. The way many women show off their gifts online looks more like they want to beat the other women."

"I am a woman. I think we've created so many days for women without changing the mindset: The husbands/boyfriends feel burdened by having to give gifts and flowers on those days, and at the end of the day, the women are still doing all the housework. I wonder whether such formality will lift the position of women in society, or push it even lower. If people care about each other, every day is a special day."

"Do women need such days to feel loved? When a woman pressures her man into buying gifts on these days, she gains no more love, she just makes her man lose some money and helps the gift shop to make some more."

"A truly happy person does not need to prove it on social media. If you care for each other, show your love by everyday actions."
Klopp Kakalop

"In other countries, Women's Day is destined to raise awareness of women's collective problems, to promote women's involvement in the society and advocate for more gender balance. Why don't authorities take the lead in organizing such debates about the promotion of women's collective aspirations and advancement and educate the population about the proper meaning of Women's Day? Currently, it has become some kind of one-sided Valentine's Day, with women being infantilized into gift addicts and recipients of materialistic tokens?"
Thien Luong Van My

"Personally stopped celebrating these days decades ago. People should be valued and cared for every day of the year and no need for special days to show love on both ends. Random gifting to your significant other on regular days has scientifically proven that people feel much more appreciated than on these community-defined holidays. My decision to stop celebrating these days started when I interviewed several women who had no idea when Father's day was. I was like, I'm done."

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