We should learn from Generation Z, not scorn them

By Nguyen PTT   September 5, 2023 | 04:00 pm PT
We should learn from Generation Z, not scorn them
A schoolgirl uses smartphone as she joins a group of friends at the school gate in Ho Chi Minh City, January 2019. Photo by Shutterstock
Working hard and saving up is no longer the only key to success. The older generation has much to learn from the young.

Many people criticize the working attitudes of the younger generations these days, the so-called Gen Z. But has anyone ever been willing to sit down with them and talk as equals? Have you heard any criticism from Gen Z about those who came before them?

Many of my children, nieces and nephews belong to this generation. Of course we don't get along on everything due to differences in lifestyles and mindsets. But thanks to communication and a willingness to learn, I have learned some groundbreaking ideas about living from Gen Z.

I learned that academic excellence and hard work are no longer the sole key to success today. Young people now favor adaptability, risk-taking, creativity and adventurousness.

I learned that working and saving are not the only way to build wealth. Personal finance management and early investments are what bring in the cash.

I learned that mind matters more than might. Whatever can be achieved with mental prowess, does not need to be done with physical labor.

I learned that sacrifices cannot be taken for granted. They must always come with fair and equal exchanges.

At some level, these changes are actually very beneficial to building a new era. But they will also have to face obstacle in the form of old ways of thinking, and Gen Z's own inexperience in putting new thinking into practice is an issue.

From a social evolutionary standpoint, despite our differences in opinion, I support the younger generations in moving forward with their dreams and ambitions.

I once laughed at youngsters like many others, only to be laughed back at. Now I understand that titles aren't everything.

The young only need money; whatever brings in the most bang for their buck, they will do it. The rest of their time can be spent on enjoying life.

That is why we cannot make their dreams align with those of the old generation. Maybe they are laughing at us for chasing after the green, without stopping to smell life's roses.

Instead of throwing shade and sarcasm at each other, why don't we find ways to help each other? Gen Z have sharp minds that are up-to-date with the times, along with a boldness; while the old have real-life experience. So instead of focusing on our differences, let's complement each other to make progress.

No matter how much we oppose them, it is undeniable that Gen Z are replacing us in every field. It is time to adapt.

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