Vietnamese tourists to blame for their own mistreatment

October 27, 2023 | 03:14 pm PT
Vietnamese tourists to blame for their own mistreatment
Vietnamese tourists on Phu Quoc Island. Photo by Nguyen Nam
Some Vietnamese tourists are noisy and demanding, so it’s not a surprise that they are treated as second-class at some resorts in their own country, according to readers.

"My resort highly values quietness and we attract a lot of foreign customers. Sometimes some Vietnamese tourists come and their main purpose seems to be taking photos rather than relaxing or enjoying our services. They would talk loudly, and they even bring speakers to play music in public places. When my staff asked them to stop, they accused us of discrimination."
Le Hoang Thien

"I offer a homestay service, and there’re several problems with Vietnamese tourists. First, they didn't call to inform us of cancellations, and they didn't even respond to us when we try to contact them. Second, they booked cheap rooms and then submited reviews saying their inexpensive rooms didn’t meet five-star standards. Third, they often left a big mess behind. They checked out of rooms that they’ve left looking like garbage dumps, even though we’ve provided trash bins in every room. Fourth, they were exceptionally noisy. Parents left their small children to run around and scream, without considering that this could bother other people. Finally, they were demanding and condescending. I just hope they will behave more politely and not make our job miserable."

"Not all, but many, Vietnamese keep asking for things. For example, in a crowded restaurant, some customers constantly urge the waiter for some chili. Then when the waiter manages to bring the chili, the customers then continue to ask him/her to go fetch some herbs. Imagine if you were the waiter, would you be comfortable?"
Long Pham

"Many Vietnamese customers give restaurant staff a hard time. Demanding all kinds of things that keep servers running in circles, without even a thank-you."

"Some Vietnamese families fail to teach their children how to behave in public. Besides leaving their kids to run around screaming, they also let their kids pick up food at the buffet alone and when the kids drop food all over the place, the restaurant staff has to clean it up. And the adults also fail to behave themselves. They speak loudly, cut the lines, and litter. With their poor awareness, they will be treated second-class anywhere they go. Don't think that because you have money to pay people should serve you no matter what."

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