Vietnam is yet a high-value destination because of these reasons

June 2, 2022 | 05:00 pm PT
Vietnam is yet a high-value destination because of these reasons
Foreign tourists at the HCMC Post Office in 2019. Photo by VnExpress/Tam Linh
Vietnam stood near bottom in a best-value destination ranking for British tourists, and readers were quick to point out why.

"It's the visas... Vietnam used to be visa friendly. You could virtually extend your visa unlimited number of times. So you could stay a month, a year or 5 years if you wanted, hop in and out of the country to neighboring countries and back again. That made the trip worth it. They added visa restrictions... Removed most of what made Vietnam attractive to foreigners. Many countries could not compete with visa policies, but now with visa restrictions Vietnam has to compete on a quality level and it can't."
Jacque Montague Raymer

"Visa, length of visa, not much to see or do, beaches are average compared to other places. Poor service and quality... why bother buying an expensive flight when you stay in European countries with a lot less hassle, more to see and better food."
Russ Harvey

"There are reasons for this, and the article doesn't reveal those. Scandinavia (which was at the bottom of the best-value destination list) has lots of culture, history and lots to do. However, it's incredibly expensive. Vietnam has a steeper price of entry because of the distance. Once in Vietnam there's little to do besides the tired same old immature "attractions". It's much cheaper than Scandinavia, but one spends most of the time moving around because of the inefficient infrastructure. Where are the big concerts, plays, and restaurants worth traveling far for? The world-famous banh mi gets old too.

I spend 6 months a year in Vietnam and I love it. But I am not at all interested in the usual attractions. I'm invested in the people and the language. Both are out of reach for most short term visitors due to the for all practical purposes lack of command of a second language by most Vietnamese."

"Thailand offers much more and is cheaper. Vietnam for some reason is still a poor country, but only in terms of income. Costs are rather high. Literally, everything is cheaper in Thailand."
Daniel Nguyen

"When the comparative cost of living in Vietnam is so low to the countries that topped the (best-value destination) chart it means tour and inclusive meal and accommodation packages sold to greenhorn visitors must be very poor value for money. Even a trip to the market needs a local chaperone. Most visitors lose heart and retreat to international enclaves where there are "airport prices" for the rest of their stay whilst vowing never to return."
Wilson Muir

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