Vietnam is welcoming, despite its airports

July 28, 2023 | 06:52 pm PT
Vietnam is welcoming, despite its airports
A group of visitors stroll on a street in Da Nang City, June 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Nguyen Dong
Many readers vouched for Vietnam’s friendliness, though they agreed that going through its airports was not always pleasant.

They shared their opinions after a Vietnamese traveler complained of the poor services and lack of support at Vietnamese airports, compared to others that she has been to in France, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

"As a tourist and working here I find Vietnam very friendly although it is challenging. The airports are awful though for a big country."

"I will trade the experience OUTSIDE the airport in Paris for the experience OUTSIDE the airport in Vietnam ANY day."

"You don't judge how welcoming a country is by the signs at the airport. France, that you use as an example, is probably one of the least welcoming countries in the world, no matter what they write on the boards at the airport, or what a single immigration officer tells you. There are friendly or rude people everywhere, but in Vietnam you can find a huge amount of kindness and lovely people compared to most other countries. Vietnamese culture could not be based on politeness as much as Japanese, but there is more about being welcoming that is beyond politeness and Vietnamese people is second to none, in my experience."
Mario Rossi

"I agree the public side of the tourism industry must do much better. I come to Vietnam twice a year and the Vietnamese hotels offer the greatest welcoming of all Asia."

"The Vietnamese people are friendly, smiling, welcoming and ready to help. I am French and I can compare with the people of my country, who are much too often rude, not smiling a bit, impatient and unable to say even a few words in English to the foreigners..."

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