Too little green space to absorb Da Nang flood

October 17, 2022 | 12:22 am PT
Too little green space to absorb Da Nang flood
A rescue truck moves through a flooded area in Cam Le District of Da Nang City, October 14, 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Nguyen Dong
The historic flooding that submerged the entire Da Nang City by up to 2 meters Friday night should serve as urgent calls to action on the city development, readers commented.

"Da Nang has an issue with city development. Too little green spaces. Real estate developers rush for profits turning the city into the concrete jungle, but concrete does not absorb water and the result is flooding as water has no way out. Green areas and ponds improve life quality of city residents. Summer heat is reduced, rain water is absorbed. In the city plans Da Nang has allocated much more land for green spaces than it is implemented. The issue is common for many cities and towns - builders neglect need of green spaces. Central government has to take stricter regulations on city planning. The climate is changing - it is becoming more extreme - heavier rains, stronger winds, hotter summers. At the moment the flood in Da Nang is called historic, exceptional... but in the future it can turn to be regular. Thus needed to act now preparing in advance."
Andy Lee

"A beach town is supposed to be charming and relaxing, not a smaller replica of a megalopolis."
Ylwee Benserk

"They keep building more hotels, condos, apartments etc without the infrastructure to support them (electricity, sewerage, and the average at best internet)."
Russ Harvey

"Concrete, Concrete....where does the water go?"

"Mother Nature got angry because of overexploitation."

"Vietnam has long had these flooding problems especially in central Vietnam that gets hit hard every year. The country has involved foreign governments to offer solutions similar to what the Dutch do to keep low-lying land areas safe. Years go by and the same predictable responses of celebrity donations, government planning, but no action. Climate disasters are only getting worse globally!"

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