Suspending licenses won't deter drunk drivers

November 29, 2023 | 08:18 pm PT
Suspending licenses won't deter drunk drivers
A police officer checks the alcohol level of a driver in HCMC, October 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Tran Long
As HCMC police are operating a grand year-end anti-drunk driving campaign, readers suggested stiffer punishment for violators than license suspension.

"There is not a lot of point suspending a driver's license, many drivers in Vietnam do not have a license and have never had one."

"Never mind suspending their licences! Demand the fines on the spot. If no money go to ATM, or let them call a relative or friend to supply the money. If this fails confiscate the bike or car and only return when the fine is paid and the suspension has ended."

"Mandatory night in jail. Confiscate motorbike/car. Punitive fine. That is the only way to make a dent in this problem."

"Drinking in Vietnam is a very serious issue and have to be dealt with an iron fist."

"Too many Vietnamese drive drunk! But the penalty should be higher!"

"Make it a criminal charge that affects your record like in western countries and jail terms if causes death or serious injuries. The government needs to step and curb this behaviour. The statistics for people dying from motor vehicle incidents and DUI in Vietnam is ridiculous."

"Police should do this every day. Just wait at the busy restaurant after 17:00. 90% won't be able to pass the test."

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