Sleeper buses are 'death on wheels'

October 2, 2023 | 01:18 am PT
Sleeper buses are 'death on wheels'
A sleeper bus after crashing into a van, causing five deaths in the southern Dong Nai Province on September 30, 2023. Photo by VnExpress/Thai Ha
Readers frustratedly demanded actions after another deadly accident involving a sleeper bus occurred in Vietnam on Saturday.

"Another sleeper bus driver falling asleep, speeding under the rain at night!!! You have to be suicidal to take those night buses.. How many more accidents and death will it need before something is done about that industry. Every couple of weeks we have a story like that. Vietnam people deserve to be safe on the road."

"These sleeper buses need to be pulled off the roads. ALL OF THEM. They are Death On Wheels."

"When will tachographs be fitted to speedometers? It's not so difficult, it's been done for nearly 40 years in the west. Come on Vietnam, take people's lives seriously and take these clowns off the roads and fine the companies responsible for their drivers."

"So what will the authorities do to deal with this daily/weekly occurence? nothing! I was reluctantly on one of these bus a few times, and each time I was terrified by the way the bus was driven."

"Companies must have a supervisor checking drivers before each trip: alcohol, documents, conditions. Unbelievable. Not only the driver but also the company must be heavily punished."
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