School is not a fashion show, but is strict uniform rule necessary?

By Staff reporters   March 27, 2023 | 08:11 pm PT
School is not a fashion show, but is strict uniform rule necessary?
Students in a classroom of Cau Giay High School in Hanoi. Photo by VnExpress/Duong Tam
Readers have good reasons both for enforcing strict uniform rules in Vietnamese schools, and for relaxing them.

After a video went on social media showing a high school teacher in Vinh Phuc Province cutting a student's hair off in class for dyeing it, readers jumped in to take sides.

"I personally I totally agree on not allowing hair dyeing or wearing make up in school BUT I couldn't disagree more on a teacher shaming a student in front of a class and actually cutting her hair herself. That is absolutely unacceptable to me and I hope that teacher gets punished for such action."

"Children that are allowed not to follow simple schools rules, will be adults unwilling to respect basic rules. The school has rules, and those must be followed just like any other rule. Parents should be the first to teach children to abide rules and regulations."

"The Ministry of Education should have a standard set of regulations for all schools to follow. It's for discipline and education. In school it is not a fashion show. No need to flaunt wealth and individuality."
Christopher Law

"If dyeing hair is prohibited to protect the feelings of insecure students, perhaps we should ban sales of luxury cars to protect the feelings of insecure adults."

"Nothing wrong with banning this per se, but pointless. In the West, school uniforms and conformist rules can have a good effect on people's development, because individualism is so baked in to one's upbringing in other ways. But here, collectivism is so baked in that uniform and strict rules on appearance are hardly necessary to reinforce it. Just look at Japan, which became the global epitome of wacky 'individualistic' styles among young people---which did little to erase the cultural conformity there. And why would authorities want to ban self-expression if not because of a worry that societal harmony would decrease."

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