Saigon districts have different charms for everyone

By Minh Nga   June 17, 2023 | 07:06 pm PT
Saigon districts have different charms for everyone
An aerial view of Ho Chi Minh City in 2022. Photo by VnExpress/Quynh Tran
Whether they are a local or an expat, people living in HCMC have their own favorite district, and they have specific reasons for their picks.

"Phu Nhuan. By the canal: nice park, great restaurants/bars and a general good vibe."
Donal Magner

"I like Binh Thanh District, because it is located between Thu Duc and the center of HCMC, especially the cost of living is reasonable."
Tran Duong Nhan

"District 4 is where I would like to stay as long as I’m in HCMC. Conveniently situated in the middle of districts 1, 2, and 7, serving the greatest street seafood in Saigon, and has the best skyscraper view."
Arica Cristina Tibayan Marquez

"District 1, only because I make day trips only there from Vung Tau and I mainly like to be in the heart of HCMC for food and shopping."
Jade Rochelle Tornquist

"I like District 5, because it has China Town, where we can learn a lot from their experiences in business and the way to keep their own culture when we are a small community living aboard."
Thao Chi Nguyen Thi

"Nha Be District because it's remote and clean and quiet."
Glen Timmon

"District 5 for basically anything Chinese. District 2 for more expensive activities."
Tonny Tran

"Ward 28 - Thanh Da (Binh Thanh District). You're on an island in the middle of Saigon with only one bridge on and off. It's not hectic and built out like the rest of the city."
Adrian Edwards

"I will nominate Binh Tan. Wide streets and clean compared with other districts..."
Cooper Wang

"I'm into District 4 for several reasons. Firstly, there are so many food stalls that I can easily buy takeaway. Secondly, it only takes around 10-15m to go to D1 and D7. One thing that I most dislike about D4 is Nguyen Tat Thanh Street which is not wide enough and causes traffic congestion every morning during the week."
Khoa Pham

"District 5, because it has a section called "stone street", where you can buy all kinds of rocks and rough gem stones."
Dave Edmunds

"Districts 2 & 7. They are tranquil yet lively enough."
Nguyen My Tien

"My favorite district in HCMC is District 1 because it has so many historic buildings and it also has witnessed many of ups and downs of the city’s history."
Ton Nguyen

"District 7 is a peaceful area without the hustle and bustle of the city."
Dat The

"My favorite is District 5, because there are many of delicious Chinese foods."
H.V Quang Kiet

"District 12. No expats, just normal everyday life."
David Dejan Nisic

"District 4 is always my pick. I love the atmosphere in Ton Dan & Xom Chieu Streets where I can enjoy street food anytime I go hungry. There are as delicious, hot, and cheap as always."
Ly M. Tran

"District 10 with a lot of greenery spaces, very good food and a big shopping mall."
Tuan Kiet Tran

"Go Vap, 'cause there’s world of snacks."
Ngoc Tu

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