Prices of international schools in Vietnam are out of reason

May 26, 2022 | 08:25 pm PT
Prices of international schools in Vietnam are out of reason
Illustration photo by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay.
International schools in Vietnam, which charge up to $34,700 a year, are too expensive and foreign families don't have other choices, readers said.

"The prices of private international schools in Vietnam are out of reason and not to justify. They target embassy and corporate contracts but don't care for individuals paying their school fees out of their own pocket who depend on scholarships and the goodwill of the schools admission. Government should regulate the system. Public schools require Vietnamese language. That's no option for two years to stay."
Christian Grajek

"Even the famous Harvard demands only 54,002 USD/year. Anyone who sends his/her kids to such schools must be a fool. Money can buy many things, but never the intelligence."

"A waste of money, more so if paid out of own pockets. Speaking of own experience having sent own kids to international schools (companies paid), a total rip-off. Many teachers at these schools are not even qualified to teach and kept moving on to the next country/adventure after a few years. If you have money to spend, better send your kids to really top schools abroad. Just a marketing gimmick preying on many rich parents looking to buy bragging rights or because their kids are not competitive enough in the local schools. These international schools really don't make your kids smarter."

"These are essentially holding companies masquerading as educational centers."

"Supply and demand issues!! Public school need to improve, with quality i.e trained teachers, sufficient teachers to numbers of students, else today parents will not place their kids under these public schools guidance. Hence private school fees will continue to rise, as long there is demand."

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