Letting 18-year-olds into casino 'is very wrong'

May 20, 2022 | 06:44 pm PT
Letting 18-year-olds into casino 'is very wrong'
A casino run by the Royal International Corporation (RIC) in Vietnam's northern province of Quang Ninh in 2019. Photo by RIC
HCMC is asking for permission to let people from 18 years of age into casinos, but readers strongly opposed the idea.

"It is very wrong - casinos lack customers and want to hook youngsters? In fact many older people get hooked and later have big troubles with addiction to gambling. But need to restrict at least until 21 years old."

"Without considering the people that borrow money to gamble in big events (like soccer World Cup) and when they lose, they kill themselves leaving the debts to the family plus all the environment of people that develops around the casinos. Definitely not a smart move, that won't bring any good."

"Gambling is a major issue here. Many families suffering because of it. Let's make is worse. In a lot of families the young ones are the money makers."
Lance Coles

"It's the start of a long slippery slope, gov't becomes attracted to the taxes and before long dependent on them. Australia is a case in point where Crown casino chain is too big to fail even when their behavior has been reprehensibly criminal. A vile billionaire owner who threw his staff under the bus in China, money laundering, license monopolies --- and he's never spent a day in jail because of an easily corrupted party system beholden to his 'contributions'. Taking anything from the gaming industry is a huge mistake and why is this favor being considered unless it's the quo pro quid?"
Wilson Muir

"Stupid kids gonna lose money and commit more crimes!"

"Well, the "if they're old enough to go to war" logic applies here. But it's still a pretty sleazy way to boost the economy."
Man of Wisdom

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