I was furious finding a condom in my son's wallet

By Phu Phu   March 25, 2024 | 03:19 pm PT
I felt a surge of emotion upon discovering a condom in my son's wallet.

The discovery was unexpected, especially since my concerns about his well-being had previously centered on discouraging smoking. I had been vigilant, routinely checking his belongings to ensure he wasn't picking up the habit. However, during one of these checks, a square-shaped object tucked away caught my attention. It was a condom.

The shock of the find sent my heart racing, and I couldn't help but feel a wave of concern. My son, a third-year university student in Hanoi, is just 20 years old. I pondered why he would engage in such activities at this stage of his life, fearing that it might distract him from his studies and future goals.

My initial reaction was anger, coupled with a desire to confront him. Questions flooded my mind about where he got it and the choices he was making. I worried that his focus on sexual relationships could be detracting from his academic and personal development.

Yet, as I calmed down, I realized the complexity of the situation. My love for him and my desire to protect him from the world's challenges clashed with my uncertainty about how to approach the topic. I found myself at a crossroads, debating whether to address the issue directly or to act as if I hadn't discovered the condom, to avoid coming across as overly controlling. What should I do?

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