I don't regret spending big money on my son's English lessons

By Hung   June 11, 2023 | 11:36 pm PT
I spent VND120 million (US$5,100) on my son's English lessons from 2nd to 11th grades, and my investment gave him a big advantage at university.

In 2018, he applied for an international university in Vietnam, studying mechanical engineering. He had to take a seven-hour entry test including questions in his major and several problem-solving questions, all in English.

Those who passed got to study a Foundation Year, with students having achieved IELTS 6 or above studying in a different class from those who have not achieved such IELTS result.

The one year was a chance for students to take the IELTS test, and after that period, students who still have not achieved the 6 score will be eliminated, as they are deemed incapable of following their lessons in English.

The course receives 60 students each year. After the Foundation Year of my son's course, a number of students were rejected. By the fourth year, only two-thirds of the original group remained, including my son.

His high English proficiency gave him a lot of opportunities to learn from his foreign professors. When doing his graduation thesis paper, he also got to read from numerous papers published on international scientific magazines to learn from them.

The money I paid to send him to English centers from 2nd grade was less than the grants he received at university. So I believe it was a profitable investment. You can buy a luxury car or a villa if you have money, but you cannot buy your child’s knowledge anytime you want. That’s a long term investment, and you need to prepare the right tools for them.

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