Gen Z will abolish dog meat from our diet

By Lam Hong   May 23, 2022 | 06:23 pm PT
Gen Z will abolish dog meat from our diet
Dog meat served at a local restaurant in Hanoi, January 2020. Photo by Shutterstock/The Road Provides
Not long ago, a Facebook post featuring a bus banner that asked people to avoid dog meat attracted many comments supporting the move and many deriding the message.

"We love dogs so much but we can’t afford the whole dog; so we just bought several kilograms of their meat."

"It’s a sunny day so I’m craving a dish of dog meat and some beer," read some of the comments.

The public has been arguing nonstop about whether it is civilized or not to say no to dog meat but that is not an argument I want to get into here.

I just want to share my view that in the next 10 years, when generation Z (born after 1996) takes over society’s reins, dog meat eating will become a thing of the past.

Dog meat enthusiasts, those that do not hesitate to say that they are craving it, typically belong to the previous generations.

Every Gen Z person that I have worked with or befriended has never eaten dog meat and harbors no desire or intention to do so.

It should be obvious to everyone that when it comes to consuming dog meat, the question is not whether we should or shouldn’t, or whether it is civilized or uncivilized. We cannot apply some formula to everyone in society. Beliefs and choices can and will change gradually through generations.

As for me, I don’t eat dog meat because I'm concerned about food safety.

Dogs are not like other animals that are raised on a farm for their meat.

The process of slaughtering dogs, in all cases, is not inspected and their origins cannot be traced. So I am worried about the potential of contracting diseases (what if the dog was rabid?) and about ingesting any toxic substance like the spring crocus that dog thieves might have used to drug and capture them.

So we can all have personal reasons for eating or not eating dog meat. No need to make value judgments about this habit.

I only see that it is a dying "tradition" unlikely to make it to the next generation.

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