A fabulous life on social media beats the stress of real life

By Vu Thi Minh Huyen   June 15, 2023 | 07:09 pm PT
A fabulous life on social media beats the stress of real life
A person takes photos of their picnic day for a social media post. Photo by Pixabay/StockSnap
Almost everyone has a social media account these days, be it Facebook, Zalo, or Instagram, and many are eager to share a nice photo on their accounts, creating a more fabulous version of their life online.

And it's not a bad thing, when our real life is often full of stress from family, work and other relationships.

When you're down, take some time off and allow yourself to live a bit in a social media fantasy. It can help balance your feelings and bring positive energy.

Today, I and my colleagues went out for lunch. While waiting for the food to be served, we took photos in various nice corners of the restaurant. We also asked the receptionist to take photos of all six of us.

When the food was put on the table, we continued to take more photos, including one of all of us raising our glasses, although they were just soft drinks, not champagne.

After lunch, we went to a coffee shop and continued the photoshoot.

We took nearly 400 photos at lunch, and are going to post them on social media gradually. We were surprised at the number of photos that we took, but felt joyful about the experience.

If we believe self-love is the cure for stress, boredom, depression, which we encounter pretty often, then what I've done is love myself.

When you take photos with the intention of posting on social media, you will focus on making yourself beautiful for the world to see. People usually give positive comments on those posts, which can boost your spirits further.

Let’s create a community in real life that is willing to step into the social media life once in a while, and we can have fun there together.

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