My neighbors attacked me after I complained about their karaoke noise

By Hong Phuong Phan   July 8, 2024 | 03:14 pm PT
My neighbors attacked me after I complained about their karaoke noise
Two men sing karaoke via a portable loudspeaker and wireless Bluetooth microphone at their home in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by VnExpress/Phan Diep
I once asked my neighbors if they intended to stop blasting karaoke noise and let me sleep, and that triggered their gang attack against me.

My husband and I recently moved to an alley in Ho Chi Minh City. The neighborhood is a mix of affluent and less wealthy families, but they all share a common habit. They love to gather to party, gamble, and sing karaoke several times a week.

As an introvert, the way they have fun is completely different from my core values. Consequently, I rarely hang out with my neighbors, and I believe they think of me as an unfriendly member of the neighborhood.

One night, they turned their speaker towards my house and turned it on to more than 90 dB. They sang karaoke from the evening until 10 p.m., giving my family no chance to rest.

Feeling challenged, I walked out of my door and screamed, "Do you know what time it is? Do you intend to let other people sleep?"

That was all my neighbors had been waiting for. They ganged up in front of my house, kicking my door, screaming at me, and threatening me.

My husband stepped out, and they gathered to beat him. I had to call the police for them to leave.

I believe that I did nothing wrong. Anyone getting constantly disturbed like in my situation would be annoyed enough to speak up. I cannot stay silent and suffer.

If only noise pollution were better controlled and people learned to be more civilized and respectful to others, my husband and I would not have fallen into such a miserable situation.

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