I was unable to eat as another diner in the restaurant fed his dog with bare hands

By Binh Minh   May 15, 2024 | 04:39 pm PT
I was dining at a restaurant in Thu Duc, HCMC last evening when an unsettling scene unfolded before me.

As the owner presented me with a delicious plate of fried rice, I found myself unable to enjoy my meal due to the actions of two young men seated opposite me.

They not only brought their pet dog into the restaurant but also allowed it to sit on a customer chair. One of the men proceeded to feed the dog with his bare hands, letting the dog lick his fingers before he touched his own food.

Despite my best efforts, I struggled to eat. I discreetly signaled to the owner, hoping he would address the situation, but he merely frowned and shrugged, indicating his reluctance or inability to intervene.

After the men and their dog departed, their used dishes, spoons, and chopsticks were collected and washed alongside others'. The chair occupied by the dog was left uncleaned.

I urge all patrons, particularly the younger generation, to reconsider bringing pets into dining establishments and to maintain a level of decorum that respects the comfort and hygiene of all customers.

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