Cash or transfer? It might be an age thing

June 5, 2024 | 04:54 pm PT
Cash is quick and easy, but digital payments will be the future trend and vendors should adapt to keep their young customers, according to readers.

These readers sent comments for a VnExpress story about some Vietnamese restaurants refusing to accept digital payments, causing inconvenience for diners.

"Is it really so difficult to carry VND100,000 in your pocket in case you want something from a cash-only business? That seems easier than whining that the world isn't exactly as you want it to be and hoping for positive results."
Mark Foster

"I'll stick with cash, thank you. Not the concern of any bank/ministry/corporation as to where I spend my money. I like the (relative) anonymity."

"It's incredible how few businesses accept card payments via terminal/POS. This isn't new tech, it's been around since 1982! Input price, hit ok, tap/swipe card, capture transaction, done in 5 seconds."

"I think digital payments in Vietnam are very convenient, even street vendors are using QR more and more. And, to be realistic, it is also an age thing: younger people in Vietnam want cashless, so if shops want to have or keep them they have to adjust over time."

"Online bank transfers are too troublesome. Cash is quicker and more convenient. They should require everywhere to accept cash by law."

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