Weekly roundup: Vietnam off the beaten path, noisy Chinese, cyber rules, and more

June 2, 2018 | 01:01 am PT
Revisit the week with top stories compiled by VnExpress International's editors.
Weekly roundup: Vienams lesser-known destinations, Chinese ugliness, beer advertisement ban, iodine deficiency and more.

Off the tourist map: Top 5 lesser-known destinations along Vietnam’s central coast

If resort towns are not your thing, check out these quiet and rustic Vietnam destinations along the central coast.

Weekly roundup: - 2

Vietnam sees host of problems as it hosts Chinese tourists

‘Zero dollar’ tours, uncouth behavior and wanton undermining of Vietnamese sovereignty spoil China’s image.

Weekly roundup: - 4

A royal lesson for Vietnamese women

Social prejudice should not deter Vietnamese women from getting a divorce and taking the chance to make a new start.

Weekly roundup: - 6

Vietnam proposes beer advertisement ban to curb drinking

The health ministry wants to clear promotional images of beer from TV and social networks.

Weekly roundup: - 8

HCMC flood-prevention plans a leaking sieve, experts say

No matter how much money is poured in, outdated urban drainage plans will ensure failure.

Weekly roundup: - 10

Cheap real estate in Vietnam draws scores of Chinese buyers

Vietnam is considered as one of the best valued countries in Southeast Asia for property investment.

Weekly roundup: - 12

Cyber security law restrictions worry Vietnamese legislators

A senior lawmaker says the law could curb personal rights, but is necessary for a bigger cause.

Weekly roundup: - 14

Vietnam an iodine deficient nation again

Doctors blame government's decision to lift mandatory use of iodized salt in food processing.

Weekly roundup: - 16

Divestment a fertile ground for corruption, Vietnamese inspectors find

A big bag of tricks is being used by leaders of state firms to misappropriate as much of the earnings as possible.

Weekly roundup: - 18

Hanoians turn giant river into free swimming pool for hot summer

Many people jump into the Red River to save themselves $4 for a ticket at commercial pools.


Vietnamese lawmakers warn against undue dependence on overseas investors

Weekly roundup: Vietnam off the beaten path, noisy Chinese, cyber rules, and more - 21

Youth lend fresh hues to their homes in Vietnam

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